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Oral presentation

Presentation time and schedule:

  • The detailed program showing the time and place of your session is published on the conference website. A printed program will be handed out during the on-site registration.
  • Regular oral presentations are 10 minutes. Please make sure to strictly keep this time limit. Additional 5 minutes of discussion time are foreseen for each presentation.

 Formatting instructions:

  • Presentations in .ppt format, pptx. format and .pdf format will be accepted. If you have created your presentation in Apple .ppt, please test it on a Windows PC to ensure that it displays correctly.
  • Avoid any external links in your presentation. The presentation computers do not have an internet connection.
  • Non-standard fonts should be embedded.
  • All pictures and graphs must be embedded without links.
  • Experience shows that video films often cause problems. If you plan to use video films, please check them when handing in your presentation.

 Presentation upload at the conference:

  • All oral presentations must be turned in at the Media Upload Desk on site at the conference.
  • Please upload and check your presentation well in advance and at least one hour before your presentation.
  • You will not be able to display your presentation directly from your laptop computer or memory stick. All presentations must be uploaded to the conference system in advance.
  • Please meet your session chairs inside the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your oral session and familiarize yourself with the technical equipment.

 Other important things you should pay attention to:

  • Please make sure that your presentation and memory stick do not contain computer viruses of any kind. If you hand in an infected memory stick, you will be asked to come again later with a virus-free stick.

Poster presentation

The conference organizers are pleased to have you present your work in one of the most effective formats of communication.  To ensure that conference participants can easily visit your poster throughout the entire event, all the posters will be centrally located in the conference center. We look forward to seeing how you’ve used your creative talents to present your work in an attractive way that will stimulate discussions and questions.

As you design your poster please follow the outline of your abstract and full paper to present the problem you addressed, your methodologies, results and other important information. And remember, the most important aspects should be concisely presented and clearly arranged on the poster.

Poster layout:

  • Your poster should be upright/portrait style with a maximum size of: US format: width: max. 36 inches, height: max 56 inches or DIN A0 format: width: max. 33 inches (84 cm), height: max. 47 inches (119 cm).
  • The minimum font size used for important information like headings should be approximately 6.25 mm high (28 pt), other wording should be at least 4.7 mm (20 pt) font size. Please make sure that letters are sufficiently large to be read from a distance of 1-3 m.
  • Do not use small print or tables, or complicated illustrations weighed down with information. Use only the absolutely essential text, tables, diagrams and pictures. You can communicate more by showing less, and the clarity of your poster can be improved by using different colours.

 Poster mounting:

  • You are responsible for printing your poster in advance and for putting it up at the conference site. It is not possible to print posters at the conference site.
  • Please mount your poster on Monday, October 30, morning.
  • Mounting material will be provided.
  • Please don't remove your poster before the end of the conference. The posters are an important part of the scientific program and should be displayed the whole time. Please remove your poster on Thursday, November 02, directly after the closing session at the latest. Posters remaining after the conference will be discarded.
  • How to find the place where your poster should be mounted: In the poster area you will find a poster list for orientation. In addition, a sign on each poster wall will indicate the author’s name, poster title, and poster number. For your poster’s number please refer to the conference program. If you have difficulties finding “your” poster board at the conference site, please contact one of our staff members and we will be happy to assist you.

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