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This workshop is open for all registered participants of the SWC 2017 / SHC 2017. There is no extra charge to attend this workshop but please complete the registration application form in order to participate. (Form will be made available in the coming days).

View the workshop flyer here.


The global energy system is adopting solar energy faster than ever before. However, this energy transformation will only be sustainable in the future if young generations entering the workforce have the skills to maintain the transition. The exponential growth in demand for low-cost solar energy mirrors major trends of the digital era, such as the internet and mobile phones, which will likewise revolutionize the world’s energy industries. While solar products are available today, the know-how to plan, install, operate, and service such systems is limited. We have an opportunity to connect the millennial generation with current solar energy leaders, to prepare, train and mentor them for the challenges and rewards of the industry. National and local training opportunities are one way to transfer the capacity from the current to future generations, and these opportunities must be built collaboratively by industry professionals and youth ready to enter the workforce.

Global Solar Cuncil

The Global Solar Council unites national and international solar energy associations, and the world’s industrial leaders to enable the adoption of solar energy through advocacy, education and training. Their vision is to ensure that solar energy is the leading contributor to the world’s energy system, aiming to create 10 million solar jobs by 2030.

Student Energy

Student Energy brings a network of over 50,000 post-secondary students in more than 135 countries, with a digital energy literacy platform that reaches over a million people annually. They have produced some of the most ambitious and dynamic programming and training programs in energy engaging university students and young professionals.

Together, these organizations can work to accelerate the solar energy revolution. By collaborating on a workforce preparation session during the 2017 Solar World Congress, the Global Solar Council and Student Energy will provide a unique opportunity for connecting young people with the skills, experience, and networks they need to succeed in the solar workforce.

Session 1

The first session, hosted by the Global Solar Council, will be a Facilitated Interactive Brainstorm event to solicit input on the major segments of the solar and distributed energy solutions jobs taxonomy, including job roles and hard and soft skills, mapping along the entire solar and distributed solutions value chain. This is the first step toward the development of a global framework for employment opportunities, as well as international and national job training programs in solar and distributed solutions.

Session two

The second session will be an Innovation Jam facilitated by Student Energy to foster inter-generational collaboration. The Innovation Jam is a guided brainstorming session focused on solutions and opportunities for the future of energy. Student and young professionals bring the problems or opportunities they want to discuss on the table and then collaborate with their peers and established professionals to find ways to turn their ideas into actionable solutions for their communities. The Innovation Jam builds the capacity of youths to tangibly engage on issues and opportunities relevant to the future of the solar industry, while simultaneously allowing for young peoples’ innovative ideas to positively influence the actions of industry leaders.

Results: Attendance of all professional experience levels will allow for achieving far-reaching insights and networking so that a path forward can be determined that will accelerate the role of solar energy as a primary energy provider.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to all registered participants of the ISES SWC 2017/SHC 2017 joint conference. In particular, those who should attend include representatives of:

  • The Global Solar Council and its Education & Training Taskforce;
  • Student Energy organizations from around the world
  • Education Ministries
  • Solar and Renewable Energy Associations
  • Practitioners and professionals working in the field of solar energy
  • Academic institutes and training/skill development centers
  • Students and young professionals interested in a solar energy career


Event specifics:

  • Jumeriah Hotel at Etihad Towers, Ballroom 4, in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Monday, October 30, 2017 14:30 – 18:00
  • First session: 1.5 Hours – Introduction, skills and training mapping session with small
  • group facilitators (GSC)
  • Break: 30 min
  • Second session: 1.5 Hours – Breakout sessions for young & experienced professional
  • problem solving and debate (SE)

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