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This workshop is open for all registered participants of the SWC 2017 / SHC 2017. There is no extra charge to attend this workshop.

Agenda of workshop

Introduction  (10 min)

Presentation: Integration of solar steam in industrial steam supply lines (20 min)

Content:          Introduction of project and partners

                 Motivation / Market Potential

General integration options of solar steam

Example of integration of solar steam in an industrial environment at RAM Pharma (Video, Photos, P&ID)

10 minutes for discussion


Presentation: Operational experiences at RAM Pharma, Amman (20 min)

Content:          Operational experiences with a steam drum and a cyclone for separation

Monitoring and measurement results




10 minutes for discussion


Presentation: SHIP – Solar heat integration in industrial processes (20 mins)

Content:          Results from the IEA SHC Task 49/ SolarPACES Task IV

Subtask A: Process heat collector development and process heat collector testing

Subtask B: Process integration and Process Intensification combined with solar process heat

Subtask C: Design Guidelines, Case Studies and Dissemination


10 minutes for discussion


Discussion on the future of solar process heat (20 min or according to time left)

                      Technical solutions of interest in the field of concentrating systems

                      Interesting demand

Countries with advantageous conditions for solar systems 

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